Travis Schneider



As a former Texas A&M football player Travis is no

stranger to hard work. Travis' experience prior to NPO

includes hunting waterfowl throughout the states and Saskatchewan.



“You will not find two men more dedicated to the craft of successful waterfowl hunting than Travis and Johnny.  They understand the concept of proper scouting, maintaining unpressured birds, and ultimately putting together a hunt that puts the client in the greatest position to succeed.  Combine this dedication with the incredible territory that they operate in Alberta and what you end up with is truly world class waterfowl hunting.” 


When Johnny heads south, he joins up with Orin Landier in west Texas for some of the best canada goose, crane, and dove hunting this region has to offer. If you would like to experience a hunt out in the red dirt country with Sea to Sky Outfitters, please click the tab below. 

When the Alberta season ends you can find Travis in Arkansas where he guides for Hoot Gibson, owner of Goose Busters Guide Service. Learn about how you can join up with Hoot and Travis in Arkansas for some incredible snow goose and specklebelly hunting by clicking the tab below.

NPO is owned and operated by Travis Schneider and johnny Miller who have a combined 30+ years of waterfowl

hunting experience that spans across several states and canada.   

J.M.Whitworth-President Southern Camouflage

Johnny Miller


A proven producer in a broad range of hunting pursuits, Johnny's experience includes elk, turkey, and waterfowl.  As a Colorado native Johnny excels in his ability to scout, call, and ultimately produce limits of Canada geese for his clients.